The Editing Trap

I have written before about the editing struggle. It’s a skill that I desperately need to improve on. Editing really is as important as writing. Aside from readability, it can help you to develop your characters, plot, and settings more. The problem with editing is it can also be a trap. My current novel that I am editing was completed nearly two years ago. Every time I sit down and start to edit it, I find more things to change and develop. This is good… to an extent.

On the one hand as I mentioned it helps to develop your story. On the other I will never run out of improvements to make. At some point you have to be able to tell yourself as a writer that it’s time to stop, and move on. While changes can be good, at a certain point you are fundamentally forgetting that there was a reason you made the choices you did in the first place. You are going back and grooming and trimming to the point that a cycle starts. Editing is important, but if you never get out of the editing stage then what is the point? Yet it’s a rather hard habit to break.

I always want to do better, want my work to be better. I could spend my life obsessively reading and editing everything I’ve ever written, yet I would never be satisfied. The editing trap…

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