The Barrier

10 years ago, something known as The Event happened, confirming that the spiritual world is real. Many believe The Event triggered the weakening of the barrier between both worlds as cases of hauntings and paranormal powers increased. Riley has been living in a small town, working with her adopted father at his occult bookstore. She has always been a believer and, deep down, knew she … Continue reading The Barrier

Impressions: Mafia Definitive Edition

In 2002 Mafia was first released. It was an open-world action game compared to the likes of Grand Theft Auto. However, when it was first released, it was widely praised for being more serious and grounded. It was also one of the largest open-world games and just generally well-liked. I never played the original, but in 2020 Mafia Definitive Edition came out. It featured updated … Continue reading Impressions: Mafia Definitive Edition

Weekly Recap

A quick reminder of ways you can support me and my writing. I have a Patreon page. I do extra Impressions, Exploring pieces, and other writings there. This month’s Impressions piece is on Slumber Party Massacre. Please consider signing up and supporting: I also have a Facebook page for updates on my writing and streaming here: You can watch me on Twitch here: Or if … Continue reading Weekly Recap

Maple Lane Adventures: Year Four- Spring Week Four

Our last week of spring during our last year! It’s going by so fast! This week was much slower than last week. I am still working on finishing both museums (main and Ginger Island). I unlocked the house on Ginger Island, which I assume means I can actually stay on the island? I have no plans to do that now, but as we get closer … Continue reading Maple Lane Adventures: Year Four- Spring Week Four