Impressions: The Quarry

The Quarry is the spiritual successor to 2015’s Until Dawn. Until Dawn was a story-based horror game with the player following a group of people and trying to survive during a night with many threats coming for them. It boasted many different outcomes, great graphics, especially with character models, and scary and atmospheric gameplay and storytelling. The Quarry is a recent game that promised to … Continue reading Impressions: The Quarry

The Barrier: Case Two- Chapter Seven

When the guys went to town later, they did not have much more luck. They were able to find a few new people to interview, and even got some people to agree to a second one. However, the answers did not really change. Josh returned, agreeing with Riley that even those that seemed to distrust the group truly did want the answers found, although none … Continue reading The Barrier: Case Two- Chapter Seven

Maple Lane Adventures: Year Two- Spring One

Alright, so we are kicking off Year Two on Maple Lane Farm! As with the first week of every season, there was a lot of planting and preparing for the season. That was the only really big thing that happened on the farm itself. However, this week was full of character development. First and foremost, Kent is now back. Kent is Jodie’s husband and Sam … Continue reading Maple Lane Adventures: Year Two- Spring One

Travel: New Orleans- Voodoo, Ghosts, and More

So we recently went to New Orleans, Louisiana, and had a blast. There was a lot we did and a lot we didn’t get to. Instead of just posts filled with pictures, I wanted to break up some of the things we did, much like posts in the past; then you will get a few more with picture spam, lol. I want to note that … Continue reading Travel: New Orleans- Voodoo, Ghosts, and More

Impressions: Gravity Falls- Summerween

Summerween is another in the “Mabel and Dipper are confused and have different opinions about growing up” episodes. I like these episodes, although I find them a bit bittersweet. I held onto my own youth in some ways and ignored it in others, and wish I could do it all over again… but that’s what growing old and looking back is. Either way, this is … Continue reading Impressions: Gravity Falls- Summerween